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 Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations Empty
PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Rules and Regulations Icon_minitimeThu 10 Jan 2008, 10:23 pm

Rules and Regulations JamesScott1

First I want to welcome all of you wonderful Ej/James Fans!!!! :) This site is laid back and loads of fun. This is a site for Ej /James Scott fans. No bashing of James Scott/ Ej is allowed on this site. Evil or Very Mad We are here to have fun and express our thought and opinions about the love for this actor. Thank you for joining and Happy posting.

This is a public Forum, with any public forum do not give out any personal information to people you do not know. Do not post personal information. We can not be held responsible for the miss use of some ones personal information. You as a poster participate at your own risk on this site. EjummyLuv will not take any responsibility for the content or opinions posted here. You as a poster take full responsibility for postings under your identification. You as a poster also agree to take responsibility for any offline issues you may have with another poster. We at Ejummy Luv will not get involved in offline disputes.

When posting spoilers or news, Do not just copy and paste the spoiler. Please post a link to the spoilers. Any spoilers posted with out a link will be deleted. Also cutting and pasting anything from this site is not allowed

Please refrain from posting actual posters names at other sites and this site.
Please refrain from posting actual names of other sites.

Please stay on thread topic.

Ejummy Luv is not affiliated with NBC, Days of Our Lives,James Scott .. we are just die hard fans just like you are 22

Also we allow banners but please limit them to two...Thank you

******* NEW RULES******* FEB.6th,2008
Hello Our Fellow Ejummy Luv members 52

We have changed the rules on our home theater forum to at least 30 post. We have grandfathered our members that we currently have that have visited our site since Feb. However the ones that have not visited our site since Jan. 30, we did not grandfather in.

We are hoping to be getting connected with Advanced Days Of Our Lives shows so we are cracking down. We want to offer this to our members,but we also would like in return for all of you to be an active part of this site. This is why we have decided to put a 30 post min. to access these features. Thank you all... we are enjoying all of the enthusiasm each of you have brought to this site.

***Once you have reached the required 30 post and are interested, please pm one of the administrators and we will add you. 29

Ejummy Luv administration

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Rules and Regulations
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